Why Software Testing is Important in Business

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When software is created there is always a post production phase. This involves extensive testing to look for possible software errors. This is always the most important step in the act of creating an application.

Programmers can have the best intentions in the world, but their software will not always work as they intended for it to. There are going to be some things that they just did not consider before completing the project. This is human nature. The¬†software testing phase is just like having someone to proofread the book. It doesn’t matter how good a writer is. Someone has to be put in place to make sure that there are no mistakes that the writer overlooked. The same is so very valuable for software applications.

There are often errors when a product is initially released. This why updates is released to correct issues. Consumers can rest assured, however, that many more errors were present before the software was tested via qa systems. These qa systems could built from the business internally or a use a third party like qa system from Quandora, among others.   The testing gives the programmers a chance to go back and correct a lot of issues. This makes the software suitable for public release even though there may be some bugs. These trivial issues will eventually get worked out after the software is released.

In the business world a failure to test could result in a lost of a job. It is a serious thing because lots of businesses that produce software are constantly acquiring investors. There is only one time to make a first impression. When software testing is done correctly there is a chance to impress more investors. There is a better chance to get people to take the product seriously. If there is no software testing, however, there may be some serious issues. Investors may pull out. All of this can cause a domino effect that sends a company down a bad path.

Software testing is important because clients are often ready to implement the software right away. Software developers may have deadlines. Programmers may not have the opportunity to continually go back to the drawing board for every error. There are times when the end of the development cycle is all that they get. In cases such as this the software has to be ready to be used.

Software testing shows that a company is serious about their product. It exemplifies a higher level of professionalism. It is a good indication of the organizational quality.


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