The trademark registration process

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Starting a company is not easy. Even a small business must deal with more than creating a product or service and selling it. There are other things to take care of such as creating a name, a trademark, and getting everything registered with the government. The trademark represents your company and is a symbol of the business which you have created. To protect that trademark, it must be registered. There are companies online, such as, which can help with the registration process and make it simpler for you.

Before registering your trademark, first do a little bit of research. Make sure that someone else has not followed your creative thinking process and already registered a trademark that is very similar or even nearly identical to yours, especially after you paid an application fee for it. If they have, you will need to go back to the drawing board. Then double check for your new creation. You do not want to go through registering the mark only to discover that someone else has rights to it. Nor do you want the embarrassment of using someone else’s symbol.

You can then file your trademark on line. You may either go to an online service; such as the one mentioned earlier, that will take care of the process for you or use a trademark electronic application system. There will be an application and registration fee. The fee is usually about three hundred twenty five dollars. Along with filling out the forms, you will need to include the trademark and a sample of how you are using it with the application itself.

The next step is to wait. The trademark registration office will review your trademark and compare it to those of other companies. The review will also look to ensure that your trademark is not offensive, does not use the U.S. flag, uses a person without their consent, or that it is deceptive. That will also ensure that it is not primarily a surname as this could come in conflict with others of the same name. This step can take several months.
If your trademark is finally approved, it will then be good for then years. At the end of that time, you will need to renew it. There are on line services that can aid you with renewals and reminders when it is time to renew. At that point the trademark is yours.



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