Protect Your Brand

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It is very important that a business understand the importance of trademarking their business name, brand name, logo or any other identifying mark that indicates that a certain product came from them. Many times, without a trademark, customers will not be able to distinguish a company’s product from a very similar product. This can in affect ruin a company’s reputation as competitors may be selling inferior products. Secure Your Trademark website can help anyone out with their trademark needs. They can help a company legally trademark their items or check if certain names or logos are available. They can even monitor trademarks for their clients to make sure that nobody is committing trademark infringement against them.

When a new company is just starting up, they will have lots of names, logos, slogans and other ideas for their business. This is great, but they will want to make sure that the choices that they make have not already been trademarked by another company. If they don’t do their research, they may possibly get sued by the owners of that trademark in the future and be court ordered to stop using it. Also, all of the time and effort that was used in marketing the name, logo, etc. will have been a wasted effort. The company who legally owns the trademark may even benefit from all that marketing that was done.

The best thing for a new company to do is to take all of their ideas to a licensed trademark attorney. They will run a trademark search that will tell if an idea is available to use. If a particular one is not available, a company will have to move on to their next option. When an available option is found and it is decided to be used, it’s very important to make sure that they protect their brand so that others will not be able to use it.

A trademark attorney will prepare and electronically file all of the necessary paperwork for someone to register their business name, brand or logo. They will also monitor the status of the application and keep their client updated on the status. Once everything is completed, a company’s trademark will be in the records of the United States patent and Trademark Office. Getting nationwide protection is very important, and a trademark attorney will make sure that you take all of the necessary steps to protect your brand.


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