How To Start Your Own Wedding Planning Business

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If you know you love weddings and all of the little details that make them so unique and special then you may be considering how to start your own wedding planning business. You know this is your dream job but need some specific instructions on how to get started.

A good starting place would be to talk to your attorney and accountant. It is always wise to take care of the business end of things. Ask your attorney what you need to know when you go into business and if there are specific things that you need to consider when starting your business. Your accountant can help you to be able to keep clear, concise records from the beginning and advise you on the financial aspects of this venture.

Make some decisions and set up shop. You need to decide where you want to work. Do you want to work from home or do you want to have a separate office location? If you decide to go with the working from home option you will need a designated space to have set aside as your office where you can go to work without interruptions from your family. It would also be nice if it is a place in your home that clients can come and not have to walk through your family living areas to reach your office.

Create a business plan specific for your services. Wedding planning can cover a vast amount of area from the venues and down to specifics like the black bridesmaid dresses that the bride desires. No matter what services you decide on providing your clients you must have it down in a structured and written form. This will help you with your pricing and budgeting for the goods that need to be bought along with the amount you wish to charge.

Start networking. Networking is the magic glue of the wedding planning business. After all, a wedding planner is who has the job of helping to guide the couple as they make decisions on putting their wedding together. Wedding planners need to be in acquaintance with other professionals who work in the same industry. Begin by talking to friends and those who have recently got married or been to a wedding to get their thoughts on cakes, pictures, flowers and all the details you will be handling in your business. Get the names and phone numbers and begin keeping track of all of this information in an organized way. Don’t be afraid to go around to shops and introduce yourself and ask questions. Business owners want to network with you and share what they can help you with because it benefits their business as well.

Begin to advertise. Advertising is what will bring you business. Consider what ways are most efficient to help you with this task of getting the word out.


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