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The trademark registration process

December 9th, 2013

Starting a company is not easy. Even a small business must deal with more than creating a product or service and selling it. There are other things to take care of such as creating a name, a trademark, and getting everything registered with the government. The trademark represents your company and is a symbol of the business which you have created. To protect that trademark, it must be registered. There are companies online, such as, which can help with the registration process and make it simpler for you.

Before registering your trademark, first do a little bit of research. Make sure that someone else has not followed your creative thinking process and already registered a trademark that is very similar or even nearly identical to yours, especially after you paid an application fee for it. If they have, you will need to go back to the drawing board. Then double check for your new creation. You do not want to go through registering the mark only to discover that someone else has rights to it. Nor do you want the embarrassment of using someone else’s symbol.

You can then file your trademark on line. You may either go to an online service; such as the one mentioned earlier, that will take care of the process for you or use a trademark electronic application system. There will be an application and registration fee. The fee is usually about three hundred twenty five dollars. Along with filling out the forms, you will need to include the trademark and a sample of how you are using it with the application itself.

The next step is to wait. The trademark registration office will review your trademark and compare it to those of other companies. The review will also look to ensure that your trademark is not offensive, does not use the U.S. flag, uses a person without their consent, or that it is deceptive. That will also ensure that it is not primarily a surname as this could come in conflict with others of the same name. This step can take several months.
If your trademark is finally approved, it will then be good for then years. At the end of that time, you will need to renew it. There are on line services that can aid you with renewals and reminders when it is time to renew. At that point the trademark is yours.


Can a Student Still Get in a College with a Low SAT/ACT Score?

November 21st, 2013

Students all over the world strive for greatness in the only ways they know how to express themselves and in the schooling world that challenge is their education level and institution that is upholding their education and delivering their lessons. Some might think why don’t all schools offer the same education and the answer is simple, why would a genius want to learn the same basic information a regular student, and what if a certain number of the society all wanted the same degree but couldn’t expand their industries knowledge due to the other subjects. The SATs are treated the same way across schools and admissions to private or public colleges and its results has not affected the picking process when allowing an individual to take part of their schools.
For tips on taking the SAT, visit

The character of the student and the way he approaches his/her life experiences is what decides who enters what schools. Certain education systems are only looking for conservative students to continue to uphold a certain outlook and tradition passed down by the founders of the institutions and respecting their wants and needs for the future of their schools is very important to our history. Most schools grow more accustomed year by year with the modern era around it and keeping up with the joneses is not a term applied to individuals alone, it is as much as an institutions term as it is an individuals. All schools want to a part of the future and although the conservative systems are more administered over the old days rules, new rules seem to be applied with every year that goes on.

The best part about taking your SATs is learning from the first time you take it and applying that knowledge over and over until you get the results you wanted. Repetition is the father of learning and understanding that concept will help you succeed in real life and in any exam you want to take in the future. School administers are looking for students who want to pass and get better grades and even though the results may be low now, trying over and over is what gets you into places and not giving up on what you want is your acceptance key. Bringing your enthusiasm and outlook on life to your school is the most important process of learning.

Making sure your counselor is up to date with your goals will help you realize what it is they are looking for in a student, which will highly increase your chances of getting accepted.

Protect Your Brand

September 27th, 2013

It is very important that a business understand the importance of trademarking their business name, brand name, logo or any other identifying mark that indicates that a certain product came from them. Many times, without a trademark, customers will not be able to distinguish a company’s product from a very similar product. This can in affect ruin a company’s reputation as competitors may be selling inferior products. Secure Your Trademark website can help anyone out with their trademark needs. They can help a company legally trademark their items or check if certain names or logos are available. They can even monitor trademarks for their clients to make sure that nobody is committing trademark infringement against them.

When a new company is just starting up, they will have lots of names, logos, slogans and other ideas for their business. This is great, but they will want to make sure that the choices that they make have not already been trademarked by another company. If they don’t do their research, they may possibly get sued by the owners of that trademark in the future and be court ordered to stop using it. Also, all of the time and effort that was used in marketing the name, logo, etc. will have been a wasted effort. The company who legally owns the trademark may even benefit from all that marketing that was done.

The best thing for a new company to do is to take all of their ideas to a licensed trademark attorney. They will run a trademark search that will tell if an idea is available to use. If a particular one is not available, a company will have to move on to their next option. When an available option is found and it is decided to be used, it’s very important to make sure that they protect their brand so that others will not be able to use it.

A trademark attorney will prepare and electronically file all of the necessary paperwork for someone to register their business name, brand or logo. They will also monitor the status of the application and keep their client updated on the status. Once everything is completed, a company’s trademark will be in the records of the United States patent and Trademark Office. Getting nationwide protection is very important, and a trademark attorney will make sure that you take all of the necessary steps to protect your brand.

Everything you need to know about owning a domain

February 25th, 2013


When a blogger site owner has a site, they must purchase a domain. A domain name is more influential than most people realize, and a lot of people do not put much thought into their purchase. While some businesses do not care about their domain name, others put a lot of thought into their purchase. Here are three things you need to know about owning a domain.When you buy a domain from a place , you must realize that you may run into copyright problems. There have been plenty of instances of a domain owner losing their site to a large corporation. Companies spend a lot of money defending their intellectual property. If you buy a site that is similar to the name of a corporation or the name of a product, you may find yourself receiving legal notices in the mail. Though, most times the company will simply ask the domain owner to forfeit the domain. Unfortunately, most owners have to hand over the domain as they cannot afford to fight a large corporation

A buyer of a domain must know that it is up to the buyer to verify their purchase. When buying a domain, a buyer must triple check what they are about to purchase. A domain company will not give a refund under most circumstances. Not only that, a domain owner must realize that is their responsibility to renew the domain. A domain company will usually send multiple notices via email, so most domain owners should not run into this problem.

Finally, a domain owner must realize the importance of a name. For starters, when choosing a name, the business owner must choose something easy to remember. Unfortunately, a lot of domain owners will choose an obscure name. When choosing a name, one should factor SEO into their choice. The leading search engines will give points to a domain with a domain name related to the content. So if, your business sells hats, the word hats should be in your domain URL.

A company must take their domain purchase seriously. A lot of businesses buy a random name and hope for the best. When a business owner takes their domain purchase seriously, he or she will do well with the domain. You must remember to buy a domain in your field and make sure you do not buy a domain related to an already existing business name.

The Three Types of Investors

December 27th, 2012

A person doesn’t need to be an expert to identify investors by the way they use their money to attain the desired result. There are probably as many different financial goals as there are investors, but for the most part, people invest their money to afford a comfortable retirement. The investing strategy they use to accomplish this goal generally boils down to three types.

1. Savers. Savers use the idea of slowly but surely saving their money, often a certain percentage of each paycheck, and allow either financial planners or money managers to invest their money for them. Many savers also choose to invest their money in a “diversified portfolio,” which is a collection of different types of investment tools such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. This idea basically says that although some of the investments won’t pay off or will lose value, others will gain and, hopefully, will not only compensate for loses, but result in an overall gain. There is very little real strategy in this type of investing. Savers also rely on time and the power of compounding interest to help them reach their investing goals.

2. Speculators. Speculators differ from savers in that they are willing to accept a little more risk than savers in return for the prospect of greater returns on their investments. Speculators rely less on diversification of their investment portfolio in favor of a more targeted approach. They also rely less on the time element to make money than savers. Speculators also spend more time listening to stock reports and read market news and so-called “tip sheets” to make investing decisions.

3. Analysts. Analysts are the third type of investor. Analysts reject luck and hot tips in favor of solid research and a deep understanding of what makes the market work.

Analysts don’t necessarily have a finance background but they do have considerable experience with investing. Analysts also may have experience in the industry in which they invest. They understand how different market conditions can affect stock prices and invest accordingly. Some analysts utilize strategies mentioned above as well as shorting stocks or high volume trading by picking up large amounts of the best penny stock picks.

Suffice it to say that investing takes all kinds, and even combinations of kinds. How a person invests will probably incorporate several different aspects of each type of investors. How a particular investor determines which investment to make is often a combination of each type of investor. It all depends on each person’s success and failure. As with so many other situations: experience is the best teacher.

Ways to manage your small business social media efficiently

November 28th, 2012

As a small business, it is vital to have a steady stream of customers in order to maintain your small business’ profit margins. Social media is an efficient technique which attracts more consumers to your business. In order to manage social media, you must have a direct way to communicate with your consumers on a mobile level. Creating accounts on popular social websites such as Twitter and Facebook will allow you to notify your customers of a new discount or product your have available. Utilizing twitter for business can be a powerful asset as long as you understand how to control it. Social media platforms such as this gives you a direct line to communicate with your customers, and you may also receive feedback directly. Direct feedback is a great way to improve your small business’ social media pages and efficiency.

Another simple way to manage social media is by creating page for your small business website on other media platforms like Facebook, or StumbleUpon. Facebook is a perfect platform for social media marketing for small business’ as it notifies the consumers as well as their friends of your small business. Managing a small business page on Facebook also allows you to alert consumers of special offers, or show them a unique product you are introducing to your line. In addition, creating a page on Facebook also allows for a small business to save money on advertising costs. It is vital that small businesses save money on advertising. Social media efficiency allows for free advertising, while maintaining the effectiveness of normal advertising.

While creating accounts on social media platforms is a great way to manage your business’ media efficiently, it is also vital to have someone watch over the accounts to prevent problems from occurring. Hiring a worker to manage social media efficiency for your business can help prevent you from slander, and unjust treatment. Workers who specialize in social media efficiency may also post content and respond to concerned customers, which overall improves your efficiency as a business. Managing your business and social media accounts at the same time also proves to be a challenging task, and hiring a worker can simplify the process of managing social media efficiency.

Why Software Testing is Important in Business

July 23rd, 2012

When software is created there is always a post production phase. This involves extensive testing to look for possible software errors. This is always the most important step in the act of creating an application.

Programmers can have the best intentions in the world, but their software will not always work as they intended for it to. There are going to be some things that they just did not consider before completing the project. This is human nature. The software testing phase is just like having someone to proofread the book. It doesn’t matter how good a writer is. Someone has to be put in place to make sure that there are no mistakes that the writer overlooked. The same is so very valuable for software applications.

There are often errors when a product is initially released. This why updates is released to correct issues. Consumers can rest assured, however, that many more errors were present before the software was tested via qa systems. These qa systems could built from the business internally or a use a third party like qa system from Quandora, among others.   The testing gives the programmers a chance to go back and correct a lot of issues. This makes the software suitable for public release even though there may be some bugs. These trivial issues will eventually get worked out after the software is released.

In the business world a failure to test could result in a lost of a job. It is a serious thing because lots of businesses that produce software are constantly acquiring investors. There is only one time to make a first impression. When software testing is done correctly there is a chance to impress more investors. There is a better chance to get people to take the product seriously. If there is no software testing, however, there may be some serious issues. Investors may pull out. All of this can cause a domino effect that sends a company down a bad path.

Software testing is important because clients are often ready to implement the software right away. Software developers may have deadlines. Programmers may not have the opportunity to continually go back to the drawing board for every error. There are times when the end of the development cycle is all that they get. In cases such as this the software has to be ready to be used.

Software testing shows that a company is serious about their product. It exemplifies a higher level of professionalism. It is a good indication of the organizational quality.